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Rogal XL


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CLASSIC ROGAL XL has a capacity of 50 liters and ROLLED ROGAL XL has even capacity of 50 – 60 liters ! ROLLED ROGAL it’s the same ROGAL shape and the same capacities as the CLASSIC version with the zipper – but it is closed in the form of rolling. Two layers of material provide it with full water resistance, without having to retrofit it with inner bags. Interior in orange color that facilitates internal searching.

Best for a long journey, where the roads are… or where they are not. Our both ROGALs XL combines the best features of panniers or trunks – i.e. capacity, with the handiness and convenience of ROGAL. Frames, trunks are up to 10 kilos of additional luggage – sometimes over 1.5 meters wide motorcycle. With ROGAL you won’t get stuck in any motorway or city traffic jam, you won’t be stopped by narrow gates or winding streets. ROGAL is resistance to damage, low weight and width does not go beyond the outline of our motorcycle and driver. In addition, easy assembly and disassembly, huge handiness and full balance in the field. No bag has yet been invented that would stick together with the machine to form one whole. And after a whole day of wandering off the road, you unfasten 4 straps, put it on your shoulder and take it to a tent, a house or a hotel… Just like that … 🙂

Suitable motorcycles:

The XL version is the perfect luggage for medium and large motorcycles BIG, Tenere, Super Tenere, Africa Twin, KTMs ADV series from lc4 through lc8 and up to 1290, for all types of GS from 650 up to 1250 GS. For Tigers, V-Steepes, etc. But they are also perfect for road motorcycles: Nakeds, Streets or Tourists. Great for one week trips or even a few weeks trips. ROGAL has a mounting method that does not require an additional frame from the motorcycle, the factory handles or rear trunk are sufficient.

Standard equipment includes fastening belts to catch the bag on bike.

This kind of bags are planned to mount on sofa – so if you think to put it on rear plates etc. – to make space for passenger – we suggest to add longer straps on bottom of ROGAL – it might be helpful. This solution – costs 10 euros more.

If you have doubts what size of ROGAL to choose for your motorcycle, please write to us: We are happy to advise on the best solution for you.

We sew our ROGALs from very strong waterproof PVC materials with 950 g and 1150 g, polyamide, Cordura and Taslan.

CLASSIC and ROLLED ROGAL XL can be made in BLACK with combination of colors: BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLUE and LIGHT GREY. Color does not affect the price.

PLEASE NOTE – depending on the type of motorbike, our bag may scratch the plastics when dirty during use. We recommend the use of clear protective film in the place of mounting the bag.


Price list of ROGAL XL:
• Price of the basic version CLASSIC ROGAL XL (closure by zipper – 10 mm width): 197 euros

• Price of the basic version ROLLED ROGAL XL (roll closure, 2 layers – full waterproof): 234 euros


Possible adds-on to both versions of ROGAL XL:

  • bottle pockets 2x 1.5 Liters with rolled closure – suitable for aluminum tourist bottles, butalso works well with every bottle. Price: 17 euros / set 2 pcs. of pocket
  • upper mounts – additional holders for PLUS Type Bags and others. A package of 8 specially placed loops of 4 on each side of the ROGAL. Allows you to increase the capacity – if necessary. Price: 11 euros / set
  • change of the material at the ends – corner of ROGAL – from the standard polyester in black for a stronger, much durable polyester: CORDURA – also in black. Price: 25 euros
  • internal roll-up bags – for ROLLED ROGAL XL. The set contains 5 pieces. Price: 59 euro
  • internal bags. WEATHERPROOF – internal roll-up and glued bags – for CLASSIC ROGAL XL. With them, luggage is fully waterproof. The set contains 5 pieces. Price: 69 euro
  • Longer straps on bottom of ROGAL – price: 10 euros
  • Repair kit for ROGAL – the kit includes: PVC material for the front and corners (standard or CORDURA depends on main set of bag) + material of rolling place, inner material, one PVC buckle, two metal buckles. Set price: 12 euros

PLEASE NOTE – ROLLED version of the ROGAL XL does not require the use of bags to protect items from water, but many customers, despite this, buy bags for this version of the ROGAL. Thanks to that, they have tidiness in the bag and can use them with other luggage – not only with our ROGAL 🙂