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We would like to present you our newest POCKET 2.0 – bag with 2 bags of capacity of 25 litres each.

We are constantly working on our products, listening to our customers’ comments and growing.

The result of this work is the POCKET 2.0

It is a lightweight, hard enduro bag with several options of add-ons to choose from.

And the latest version is two, double-layered inner bags – providing total waterproofing. As humidity can collect between the layers due to temperature differences, the design features a drainage for this moisture – at the bottom of the bag. In addition, we have used a new reinforcement strap, which makes the bag more resistant to the greatest stresses incurred during off-road riding. Furthermore, the lower fastening of the POCKET 2.0 is made of 2 separate straps, which improves stability and makes mounting on the motorbike more flexible.

What is important – our POCKET does not require a side rack etc. – but if you already have a rack it should not bother you either 🙂

The upper part of the POCKET – lying on the seat – is joined together with a very strong velcro fastener. This allows for a wider or narrower connection of the whole – and thus we are not limited to a specific width of the seat – it is a very universal solution for many different motorbikes !

Before you place an order, please check what is max width between sides on sofa or between handles or rack on your bike. Standard POCKET is made with width 30 – 40 cm max. If you have more – we recommend to make special version with extra 10 cm on mounting straps with Velcro. It costs additional 20 euros.


PLEASE NOTE – depending on the type of motorbike, our bag may scratch the plastics when dirty during use. We recommend the use of clear protective film in the place of mounting the bag.

POCKET 2x 25L – has a size of approx. 50x27x18 cm (height x width x depth).

Extras for the POCKET:

    • Rolled, permanently sewn side pocket with a capacity of nearly 1.5L, which means it can easily hold water or fuel etc. (you can order up to 2 pockets). The pocket can be on the underside of the POCKET or on top of it – which is much safer as it is far from the exhaust – price per 1 pocket: 15 euros
    • D-shaped top fasteners + loops – allowing you to attach the load on top of the connecting strap (on the seat) – 10 euros for a set of 4 D-RINGs and 2 straps with 3 loops
    • Reflectors on the TONGUES – 5 euros per set for both tongues (both sides of the bag)
    • Reflectors on the SIDE POCKETS – 3 euros each pocket
    • Changing the small 21’BROTHERS logo on the tongues to its big version – extra 14 euros for both tongues
    • Inner pocket on the side of the POCKET tongue, zipped, mesh. Surcharge for 1 piece – so for 1 side: 10 euros
    •  Changing standard 25 mm plastic side buckles to 25 mm metal buckles – price for 8 pcs: 15 euros (for both pockets)
    • Repair kit for POCKET – the set includes: PVC material, tongue material, inner bag material, mesh (if mesh pocket is ordered), 40mm plastic buckle, 2x 25mm plastic buckles, optional metal buckle (if you have chosen such for your bags) and D-RINGs top handles (also if you have chosen them). Set price: 12 euros
    • NEW ! – MOLLE attachment system – surcharge for 1 side of the bag: 15 euros. Please note on each side of the bag, there can be only one attachment i.e. side 1,5L pocket or MOLLE attachments. If you need both solutions – we suggest choosing 2x MOLLE mountings + 2x 1,5L side pocket or a similar combination of add-ons – considering the top or bottom of the bag.

POCKETs for bags and TONGUES can be in the following colors (they can be the same or different from each other): WHITE, BLACK, RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, BLUE, LIGHT GREY and also DARK GREY.