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Our BAG PLUS is characterized by a very thoughtful design and good workmanship. Each bag consists of 2 layers, the outer one resistant to mechanical damage, and the inner, completely tight. PLUS BAGs are completely WATERPROOF, thanks to their construction and rolled closure.

They will be perfect for short trips, but they will also perfectly complement our ROGALs or CLASSIC SAKWY on longer trips. Thanks to the strap fasteners, BAGs PLUS are easy to attach to a backpack, other bag or motorcycle crashbars.

The PLUS series is a fantastic solution for hand luggage, for a trip to the city or just around 🙂 They are also great as small TOOL BOX. Dimensions of the PLUS 5 bag: 18 x 29 x 5 cm (width x height x depth) – capacity approx. 2.6L

Price of the basic version of BAG PLUS 5 is 33 euros – one bag. If you need two bags for example for left and right crashbars – please choose 2 bags on order form.

Additional equipment for BAG PLUS 5:

  • Additional fixing points DRINGs – they allow you to attach the bag not only to our ROGAL and SAKWY, but also for example: through straps or trumpets to the bicycle, bike, etc. – price: 5 euros
  • For your safety – reflection material on the BAG PLUS front – price 3 euros
  • For your comfort – change of side brackets from PVC to metal brackets – 2 pieces: extra charge 12 euro