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GMOLE BAGs for KTM 950/990 ADV and other



GMOLE bags for KTM 950 / 990 ADV with original crashbars.

Our bags for crash bars are perfect as tool bags, bags for spare inner tubes, keys or camping equipment. Increase the luggage capacity of your motorcycle, better distribute the weight of luggage on your equipment.

The standard price for 2 pieces for motorcycle KTM 950 / 990 ADV with a bag size of approx. 25×21 cm – right and left – is: 50 euros

Other manufacturers and models:

We also sew to size – so they will fit almost every bike – the only thing you need to provide us is the shape of your crasher drawn. After placing the order, you will receive its confirmation from us and in response to it you will be able to send a scan.

SCAN – just make a template and send it to us in the form of a scan – in a 1:1 scale on an A4 / A3 sheet. On the template, please select where you want to start and end with the zipper and where you want the fixing points – i.e. Velcro straps – through which you attach the bag to the crash bars 🙂

Based on the template received, we will confirm or adjust the standard price – in agreement with you.