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Tankbag FOTO




Many of us dream of beautiful photos from trips, the solution is a good-class camera, and the perfect place for it – that’s why you need to have our Tankbag FOTO. Easy and fast access and safety when tipping over. Unfortunately, an ordinary Tankbag is also a place of high vibration, bad fit and isolation – which can have a very negative impact on our camera.

That is why we offer a Tankbag FOTO, which is tailor-made, ideally suited to the size of your camera and without the possibility of movement – just 2 cm of foam will be perfect for him. 🙂

Tankbag FOTO has a detachable map holder, an internal zipper and an internal pocket for small items and documents. Tankbag FOTO is a rainproof product.

The only thing you need to provide us is the shape of your camera drawn and its height. After placing the order, you will receive its confirmation from us and in response to it you will be able to send a scan in a 1:1 scale – drawn on an A4 or A3 sheet.

Tankbag FOTO dimensions are adapted to the dimensions of the camera.