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We present you the CLASSIC SAKWY MOTORCYCLE BAGS, sold in sets of 2. Thanks to the double-layer structure, SAKWY are fully waterproof. Suitable for any classic pannier frame. Very strong, but also completely soft – thus much less prone to damage. CLASSIC SAKWY in the latest version have many new additions. You can equip them with side pockets in the number of 1 to 4 pieces, each pocket with an additional 1.5L capacity. Pockets can be removed and mounted back if necessary (not sewn permanently). If you do not have enough capacity, you can easily attach our PLUS 5 BAGs to each CLASSIC SAKWY 30L (1 for the front of each pannier). Then, with 4 side pockets and two BAGs PLUS 5, you have a capacity of approx. 71 liters.

CLASSIC SAKWY require attachment to frames – racks, on the sides of the motorcycle. There are safety belts on the seat or under it, connecting both panniers – so you can easily add another luggage or a passenger 😉

At this link you will find a movie with CLASSIC SAKWY. There is 2015 model shown. Currently, we are also giving an additional lower strap with a metal buckle (as in the middle, at the top) – thanks to this, everything is even more stable attached 🙂

Important information – about the frame. The simpler the better – a rectangular shape is preferred. If you have doubts whether your frame will be OK – send some photos of it to the following address: – we will advise you.

CLASSIC SAKWY 2x 30L (43 x 35 x 18 cm – height x width x depth)

The set includes 2 panniers with a capacity of 30L each, two 40mm belts with buckles to put them over the seat and fasteners for our PLUS BAGs. CLASSIC SAKWY 30L are in black with a front in the selected color – they cost: 155 euros.

Possible additions for CLASSIC SAKWY 30L:

  • Additional side pocket, closed with a roll-up (new) with a capacity of 1.5 L. The pocket can be assembled or disassembled if necessary. It is not sewn permanently – additional 10 euros / one piece
  • Fastening a total of 8 handles, for both bags – on top – allows you to attach a load on the bag. The cost of a set of 8 pieces is an additional 12 euros
  • Fastening a total of 8 handles, for both bags – on bottom – allows you to attach a load under the bag. The cost of a set of 8 pieces is an additional 12 euros
  • For safety – reflection material on the CLASSIC SAKWY fronts – additional payment of 3 euros
  • Repair kit for CLASIC SAKWY – years of experience show that the active use of SAKWY can cause the need for their repair / renovation resulting from wear or random accidents. That is why we have prepared a repair kit for CLASSIC SAKWY. The set includes: pvc material on the front and back, side material and in the place of roll, inner material,grid, 40mm buckle, 25mm buckle, 25 mm buckle self-clamp, 2 regulators, 2 upper handles. Price: 10 euros
  • Additional points for carrying a steel cable to secure the bags – on the front and back of each CLASSIC SAKWY bags – extra payment 10 euros
  • Belts connecting both CLASIC SAKWY in the version for easy and quick unbuttoning – extra payment 8 euros
  • NEW ! – MOLLE attachment system – surcharge for 1 side of the pannier: 15 euros. Please note on each side of the pannier, there can be only one attachment i.e. side pocket or MOLLE attachments. If you need both solutions – we suggest choosing 2x MOLLE mountings + 2x 1,5L side pocket or a similar combination of add-ons.
  • NEW ! – Additional, internal and, above all, pull-out bags for the SAKWY. The bags are lamed, closed by rolling material and PVC buckle. The material is in BLACK color – set of two: 50 euros

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