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Rogal Big Rally



For all those who may not be enough 10 liters of our ROGAL RALLY – for them we have created the ROGAL BIG RALLY – the shape and size will perfectly match both light EXC, WR, CRF and medium bikes such as LC4, DR, XT etc.

ROGAL BIG RALLY – has a capacity of up to 25 liters.

With version of three pockets (with zipper only) – we have 2 straps on both sides of the middle, upper pocket, so you can easily mount 2 additional rolls of luggage, for example a small tent on the one hand, on the other hand a mat + a sleeping bag.

In version of two side pockets only (with zipper or rolling closure) – you can mount in the middle of base – on top – our BAGs PLUS or other luggage too.

You can easily plan a trip with this luggage, on longer trips – even for a few days. Very strong material with the addition of PU.

ROGAL BIG RALLY in ROLL version is waterproof ! It has wide access to luggage and full water resistance thanks to the 2-layer structure.

It is mounted on the bottom, on both sides, to the frame or sets of the passenger. Standard equipment includes fastening belts and metal hooks to catch the bag.

What’s important in ROGAL BIG RALLY pockets can be in a different color than the base or base and pockets, can be in the same colors. You can make very individual project of your bag – without extra payment.

Standard equipment includes fastening belts and metal hooks to catch the bag on bike.

If you have doubts what size of ROGAL to choose for your motorcycle, please write to us: We are happy to advise on the best solution for you.

We sew our ROGALs from very strong waterproof PVC materials with 950 g and 1150 g, polyamide, Cordura and Taslan.

We have 3 version to choose from:

  • Classic version – with zippers – 3 pockets – approx. 20 liters capacity: 150 euros
  • Classic version – with zippers – 2 pockets (i.e. only side pockets) – approx. 15 liters of capacity: 125 euros
  • ROLL version – 2 pockets with rolling closure (approx. 25 liters capacity for both pockets): 145 euros

    Available options for ROGAL BIG RALLY:

  • recommended reflective straps – additional payment of 2,5 euros / 2 pockets
  • recommended for KTM 690 / Husqvarna 701 and similar – access to the tank – additional payment of 18 euros